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Re: what are the commands on the menu

From: Olive
Subject: Re: what are the commands on the menu
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 15:37:14 +0200
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David Kastrup wrote:
Olive <address@hidden> writes:

I used to use the standard TeX mode but D. Kastrup have convinced me
that auctex is better.

Actually, it was not really my intent to turn you from the default
tex-mode.el as long as it was an informed decision.

My principal trouble about it is that I can't figure out on what
functions the command on the menu are bound.  I would like to define
"\C-c\C-f" to be bound to the LaTeX command I see in the menu (to
emulate the key in the stand. mode).

This can be called a deficiency of AUCTeX, so it would probably be
best discussed on auctex-devel at

But if a do a describe-key on this item; I get something like
menu-function-<some-number>; which I think is dynamically generated

Yes, more or less.

You probably want something like

  (TeX-command "LaTeX" 'TeX-master-file 0)

I had already tried this (after having looked in the source code; trying to guess how thing are done); but then the files are not saved if there are been modified (I have configured auctex to save all the modified files). I have not tried to remake the LaTeX command by trying to save the files myself since this command already exists and I tought that all I have to do is to "locate it".


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