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X11 Mac OS X 10.3 emacs fink: only terminal?

From: Emar
Subject: X11 Mac OS X 10.3 emacs fink: only terminal?
Date: 13 Dec 2004 07:40:40 -0800
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Hi List,
Here's my problem: I installed Emacs with X11 support through Fink on
Mac OS X 10.3. I've done it before and it worked great, but now I can't
seem to get Emacs out of terminal mode. I can only launch it from
Apple's and X11 terminals (after setting the PATH
variables to include /sw/bin/) and then it stays in the terminal,
whereas I would like to get my scrolling and toolbars and stuff back.
1) I have:
fink 0.7.1.rsync
emacs21-xaw3d 21.3.50-20041117
xaw3d 1.5-8
xaw3d-shlibs 1.5-8
Mac OS X 10.3
Apple X11 (based on Xfree4.3.0)

2) I also have ghostview installed through fink and that works perfect
in X11, so it can't really be a general fink vs X11 problem, or?

3) Emacs works fine too, but it acts as it had been given the -nw
option (--no-window-system), or as if I had installed emacs-nox (while
neither is the case)

4) Before I used to use an applescript to launch my X11 emacs, now that
script doesn't work anymore and the event log looks like this:
tell application "X11"
end tell
tell current application
do shell script "export DISPLAY=:0;source /sw/bin/;emacs
"emacs: standard input is not a tty"

Question: Is there some setting in X11 or in Emacs that cause this
behavior (i.e. not recognizing the windowmanager or something?)

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