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Odd Info problem

From: Mike Ballard
Subject: Odd Info problem
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:36:25 -0000
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Hi -

Although not what you might call a problem, more of an annoyance, is that
I have my own (source-controlled) top-level Info "dir" file in a certain
location (where there are no Info files). I set xref-face to a color I
like and for years this has worked perfectly.

But now (and I have no idea what changed it; still using Emacs 21.1 as I
have for the past couple years) bringing up Info in Emacs the xref-face
color is gone.  When I highlight an Info topic face and select "list
properties" nothing shows up.  So I renamed my "dir" to "",
restarted Emacs and let it use the dir file in /usr/share/info.  xref-face
is now back to the color I'd specified (and properties show up when

But if I copy /usr/share/info/dir over my own top-level dir file
(expecting xref-face to show up as I set it) xref-face reverts back to
uncolored (and unspecified when I select "list properties").  Any idea
what might be behind this?

You'd guess it has something to do with pointing Info to use my location's
"dir" as its top-level but I've done it this way for years without any
problems.  I'm using texinfo 4.5 if it matters (and prioritzed
INFOPATH/DIR vars where my "dir" location is first).


mikeballard at symbol verizon period net

  "If your main parachute fouls, deploy your reserve.  If your 
   reserve is also fouled, you have the rest of your life to get
   it straightened out."

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