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Re: Hello

From: scott
Subject: Re: Hello
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 08:13:16 -0700

I'm sorry, but because I have been receiving more than 100 junk-mail
messages an hour, I no longer accept e-mail from unregistered senders.
To send me a message, please follow the path that best describes your needs:

Business Contacts
  1. Register as a valid sender by visiting
  2. Re-send your e-mail

FreeCart Support
  1. Post a message to the support forum at
  2. Send a private message through the support forums

Friends and Family
  1. Register as friends & family by visiting
  2. Re-send your e-mail

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, however, there was simply no way to keep up
with the volume of junk-mail I receive, even with the freeware or commercial
spam blocking tools.  Once you register, you will not need to register again,
unless you change your e-mail address.

If you didn't send me a message, there is a good chance someone you know
has an email virus or your email has been targetted by spammers.  I received
your email as:

   From: address@hidden
   Subject: Hello

Thank you,

   Scott Moore
   NOP Design

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