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Re: emacs for Max OS X.3

From: Chris Swoyer
Subject: Re: emacs for Max OS X.3
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 20:54:42 -0600

Thanks for the info (the directions that came with enhanced carbon emacs
said to
rename the file dot-emacs.el -> .emacs.

TeX works o.k, (e.g., under TeXShop) so I think I must have fouled something
up on the emacs end.


"Tim McNamara" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> "Chris Swoyer" <address@hidden> writes:
> > I have installed the recent build of Emacs from
> > to run on my powerbook under panther. But it
> > freezes when I try to run tex from its deopdown menu and some of the
> > options (I think) I should have (e.g., dvips) don't show up on the
> > menu). I renamed the file dot-emacs.el .emacs, but I've done
> > somethhing wrong. On startup I get the message:
> >
> >   An error has occurred while loading `/Users/fswoyer/.emacs':
> >
> >   Symbol's value as variable is void: darwinp
> >
> > And I don't get the auctex and reftex functionality.
> I can't answer all your questions, but I don't think you should have
> renamed the .emacs.el file as .emacs.  Someone else here will know for
> sure.  Your .emacs file needs to be in your home directory, and at
> least in my installation of Emacs there is no .emacs.el file in my
> home directory- so if you just renamed it and left it where it was,
> Emacs can't find it.
> Have you checked to make sure that TeX is properly installed on your
> computer?  I'm using 10.1.5 (which may not come with exactly the same
> stuff in the BSD subsystem) and dvips is conspicuous in its absence,
> although dvipdf is present.  I installed GhostScript many moons ago
> and ISTR that this was installed as part of that .pkg (along with
> texi2dvi, texindex, pfd2ps, ps2pdf, etc.).
> > Thanks for any help (including letting me know of a more
> > appropriate news group if there is one).
> Dis be da place.

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