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Re: paragraph definition problems

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: paragraph definition problems
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 15:16:18 GMT
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> The standard for that option is "[ \t\n\f]" (at least in my version). If I
> interpret that correctly it means "every line starting with a space, a tab,
> a new line or a line feed" in the context of paragraph-start.

This "default" value is basically only used in fundamental-mode.

> Let's say I've got the following text:

> This is a paragraph.
>  This should be a new paragraph because of the space at the beginning.

> Now, if I press M-h to select the paragraph in the second line, the line
> above is also selected, in spite of the space in the beginning of the second
> one. Also M-q fills those "paragraphs" together.

This is probably in a buffer using some other mode than fundamental-mode.
Do C-h v in the buffer that you care about to see the value it has in
this particular buffer.  The default (i.e. global) value is about as good
as never used (in Emacs-CVS this default value is changed to reflect the
more common setting corresponding to text-mode).


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