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Re: paragraph definition problems

From: Joerg
Subject: Re: paragraph definition problems
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 05:11:31 GMT
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Jesper Harder wrote:

> Joerg <address@hidden> writes:
>> Let's say I've got the following text:
>> This is a paragraph.
>>  This should be a new paragraph because of the space at the beginning.
>> Now, if I press M-h to select the paragraph in the second line, the line
>> above is also selected, in spite of the space in the beginning of the
>> second one. Also M-q fills those "paragraphs" together.
> I think `paragraph-indent-text-mode' does what you want:
> [...]

Exactly! Thank you very much! I still don't understand why altering
paragraph-start and paragraph-separate doesn't work, but who cares? ;-)

One more thing: Do you also know a text-/minor-mode which is the opposite of
paragraph-indent-text-mode, i.e. every line NOT starting with an
indentation is considered as a new paragraph?

This would be useful for text like the following:

Topic1: This should be
        one paragraph.
Topic2: This should be
        one paragraph.


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