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Re: problem with keyboard input

From: Auré
Subject: Re: problem with keyboard input
Date: 1 Aug 2003 08:38:37 -0700

address@hidden (Kai Großjohann) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> address@hidden (Auré) writes:
> > No, it doesn't work. But I observe thinks thant I never seen before
> > (not with your command but in general) : When I create a new file and
> > begin to type, it's ok, accent appears ; à, é, è, ù ... In fact,
> > there's only a problem with a file (in tex format), not the others
> > files (every format).
> Hm, so new files come out right, but in *.tex files you have
> problems.  Hm.  Strange.
> Does it also happen for new .tex files that you create yourself?
> Do you normally use Latin-1 encoding?  Or Latin-9?  Whichever it is,
> maybe it helps to say C-x RET f latin-1 RET C-x C-s in the file
> that's causing you trouble.  Then Emacs ought to tell you if it finds
> characters that can't be represented in latin-1.  If there are any,
> you can delete them or change them, and then try again.

As you say, it's very strange !!!

It's only with this .tex file not with the other, new or old. I tried
you advice but it's seems like nothing change. I think that's the good
way because it's possible that's I do the commande C-x RET f +
something false in place of C-x C-f to open a new file. I post you a
part of my file to try if you observe the same effects. Thanks you in

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