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Re: simple editor required

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: simple editor required
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 22:52:11 +0200
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"Paul Edwards" <address@hidden> writes:

> Actually, I don't mind it indenting after a blank line, micro-emacs
> does that.  But micro-emacs won't indent the CURRENT
> line when I hit enter at the BEGINNING of the line.  Emacs not
> only inserts a blank line (as I wanted), but is also inspired to
> indent the current line for no reason whatsoever.

In Emacs, newline-and-indent does like newline first, and then like
indent.  It seems to be logical to me, even though I agree that it is
not always what I want.  But the behaivor is quite predictable, so
I'm not bothered too much.

FWIW, I do NOT use newline-and-indent in text mode.  Instead, I use
newline (bound to RET) and indent-relative (bound to TAB).

    When I start a new paragraph that's indented, like this one, I
    usually just keep on typing, like here, and the subsequent lines
    will be similarly indented.

This is because of auto-fill.

> So what about when you are editting text, and it is lined up in
> semi-paragraphs, e.g.
> My doctor's details are:
>   Name = Fred
>   Phone = 1234
> My dentist's details are:
>   Name = Mary
>   Phone = 5678
> And the cursor happens to be at the beginning of "My dentist's details"
> and you decide that you want an extra blank line to separate doctor
> from dentist, so you hit enter.  You're not disturbed that emacs is
> inspired to not only insert a blank line, but also to indent "My dentist"
> in a couple of characters, to line up with "Phone = "?

No, I'm not disturbed.  Above I explained why.
This line is not blank.

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