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Re: ECB for LaTeX?

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: ECB for LaTeX?
Date: 10 Jun 2003 16:36:22 +0200
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On 10 Jun 2003, Stefan Monnier wrote:

> >>>>> "Klaus" == Klaus Berndl <address@hidden> writes:
> > 1. Integrating speedbar not only as replacement for the directories buffer
> >    (like in latest production release 1.93) but possibility to display
> >    speedbar in any of the special windows of ECB. So you can use the
> >    default directories buffer of ECB plus the speedbar as replacement of
> >    the default methods-token-buffer of ECB ==> You display directoires and
> >    methods/tokens in different windows.
>  Do I understand correctly that there can only be one speedbar buffer ?
>  Why not get rid of that restriction ?

See Eric's answer...

> > 2. Builtin (i.e. without speedbar) parsing and displaying methods/tokens
> >    of file-types not supported by semantic but supported be imenu and
> >    etags ==> Displaying contents of TaTeX, TeX, perl etc. etc. in the
> >    ECB-methods buffer.
>  Isn't that just re-implementing what speedbar already does ?
>  What am I missing ?

You are right, you are nothing least not much but maybe something
important: ECB is a complete other approach to display browsable things (like
directories, files and file-contents) than speedbar: Speedbar displays all
stuff in one buffer in an extra frame, whereas ECB displays all things in
different windows integrated with the source-buffer in *one* frame.

But there are people who like the speedbar-way of displaying things like
directories, files or/and file-contents but dislike the one-frame-approach of
ECB too. To satisfy these ones ECB can now integrate the speedbar buffer into
one of it's special dedicated windows.

Concerning displaying stuff like LaTeX etc (all file-types supported by imenu
and etags but not by semantic) you are ECB steals the speedbar
implementation because it works great and is well tested. ECB could use either
the speedbar code itself (but this brings another dependence to speedbar
internals i dislike) or re-implement the few parts of the speedbar-code needed
for this. I have decided to go the latter approach because then ECB is
independed from speedbar internals and if these are changed....


>          Stefan

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