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Re: ECB for LaTeX?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ECB for LaTeX?
Date: 10 Jun 2003 11:09:03 -0400
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> Concerning displaying stuff like LaTeX etc (all file-types supported by
> imenu and etags but not by semantic) you are ECB steals the
> speedbar implementation because it works great and is well tested.

Ah, so it doesn't reinvent the wheel, I misunderstood.  Good.

> ECB could use either the speedbar code itself (but this brings
> another dependence to speedbar internals i dislike) or re-implement the
> few parts of the speedbar-code needed for this.

Why not cooperate with Eric to make those internals less internal ?

> I have decided to go the latter approach because then ECB is independent
> from speedbar internals and if these are changed....

yes... ?  if these are changed...what ?  You mean you'd rather not benefit
from the enhancements brought by those changes ?  I don't understand.


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