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Preserving window layout

From: Matthew Calhoun
Subject: Preserving window layout
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 07:41:20 -0700


I'm trying to set up Emacs in a way that I think will be nice for coding: I have a single full-screen frame with two large side-by-side windows for editing source files and whatnot, and below these two there's a third window with a shell in it, which takes up the entire frame width. It looks something like this:

|          |          |
|          |          |
|  source  |  source  |
|          |          |
|          |          |
|        shell        |

Sort of a poor man's IDE. The problem is, when I do something like command-apropos it wreaks havoc on my nice little environment - the shell buffer grows to take up half of the frame, and the *Apropos* buffer has taken the place of *shell*.

What I would like do is keep this basic layout the same, viewing various buffers only in the top two windows, and keeping the shell window undisturbed at the bottom. So, is there some way to "lock" a screen layout, or at least a single window? And can I prevent my shell buffer from being replaced by other buffers?

In case it matters, I'm using Emacs 21.1.1 in Mac OS X's Terminal application.


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