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Re: w3m gives 'Wrong type argument: stringp, nil" error

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: w3m gives 'Wrong type argument: stringp, nil" error
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:06:21 -0600
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Christopher M. Balz wrote:

Do you know where to find English instructions for compiling w3m?

Well, the README file in the source distribution says:

        If you can read English, see doc/*.

And sure enough, the doc/README file has a section on Installation that refers
Windows users to the doc/README.cygwin file (attached).

<a href="mailto:&lt;kevin.rodgers&#64;;";>Kevin Rodgers</a>
***How to compile w3m on Windows***

To compile w3m on MS-Windows, you have to use Cygwin32 with development
tools. You can get it from .

After installing Cygwin32, what you have to do first is

  TERM=ansi; export TERM
  sh configure



Known Bugs:

Local file with drive letter (//C/zonk.html) can't be handled correctly.

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