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Re: Buffers in Dired

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: Buffers in Dired
Date: 01 Jun 2003 23:00:24 -0700
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>>>>> Kaustuv  writes:

>    I am using dired to navigate through the files of my home. But the
>    problem is the moment i move to a subdirectory dired creates a new
>    buffer for it. So ultimetly it turns out i have just too many buffers
>    open if i am locating a file buried deep my home directory sturcture.
>    Is there some configuration variable which shall tell it not to create 
>    all these buffers but to work only from one buffer. In short all i want
>    is JUST ONE buffer for all my navigation.

Consider the 'i' command in dired.       

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