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Re: unexpected behavior of the dotemacs

From: Jean Daniel Browne
Subject: Re: unexpected behavior of the dotemacs
Date: 29 May 2003 07:01:23 -0700

> > By the way, someone may know how to turn off the additional icons
> > bar of the GNUemacs installed by Red Hat 8. Very nice, but well, i
> > don't like it.
> Please read the NEWS file.  
Ok, I read it. Do you know what menu I am refering to? 
Is it specific to RedHat?
Do you have a specific name for it? 
I am not talking about the menu that you can toggle with
(menu-bar-mode -1)

> It contains lots of useful information
> for people who have upgraded their Emacs.  (I think you were using
> Emacs 20 before, yes?)
Not that I know, I just installed the GNU\Linux distro that was
available at that time, and started to learn emacs with this one. My
dotemacs is likely to contain commands from other people from other
version, though.
> There is an item in the Help menu, and it's also available via C-h.
Thank you,


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