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unexpected behavior of the dotemacs

From: jean daniel browne
Subject: unexpected behavior of the dotemacs
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 00:05:49 +0200


I use NTemacs 21.2.1 et GNUemacs 21.2.1 on the Red Hat 8.

I try to turn the background dark green ("DarkSlateGray"), everything
fine with NTemacs but either of the two following commands at the end
of the .emacs fails to do what i want on the linux box:

(set-background-color "DarkSlateGray")
(set-face-background 'default "DarkSlateGray")

I also tried to set it thru the "customize GUI".

Funny thing is that it works in NTemacs and also that the color of the
background is turn to dark green during the loading of emacs (0.5 seconds)
but then it goes back to white...

Any idea ...

Thank you

Jean Daniel Browne

By the way, someone may know how to turn off the additional icons bar of
the GNUemacs installed by Red Hat 8. Very nice, but well, i don't like it.

Thank you

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