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Re: Slickedit features in Emacs?

From: Mark Mynsted
Subject: Re: Slickedit features in Emacs?
Date: 22 May 2003 14:42:14 -0500
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Lee <address@hidden> writes:
Peter> I added the above code and typing ifx in a c++ file didn't do
Peter> anything.  Abbrev-mode was on... so I'm not sure.  Any ideas ?  I've
Peter> never used skeletons in emacs before.

Two ideas:

1. The abbrev code was
(define-abbrev c-mode-abbrev-table "ifx" "" 'my-skeleton-c-if)

That abbrev is specific for c-mode.  Type M-h v mode-name
If the result is not "C" then I do not think you are in the correct

2. You have to type a non-word character following the abbrev to get
   the abbrev to expand. (Or use one of the interactive functions.) So
   ifx then space would expand the abbrev.  But just ifx would not...

You could see if the skeleton is working by simply typing:
M-x my-skeleton-c-if

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