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Re: Slickedit features in Emacs?

From: Ole Laursen
Subject: Re: Slickedit features in Emacs?
Date: 21 May 2003 22:53:49 +0200
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address@hidden (Henrik Jönsson) writes:

> * Autocompletion of expressions. When the user write "if " it expands
> automatically into a full if template. Can this be done with
> skeletons?

I think the necessary code is implemented, someone just need to make a
bunch of good templates for the various modes and get it distributed,
perhaps even in included in Emacs proper. That would be really, really

> * "Intellisense". I know that semantic can do something like this, but
> does it work for everyday use? Has anyone tried it?

The C++ support is at least still somewhat flaky. Klaus Berndl has
been working on the parser which I think is pretty good now, but the
look up features in Semantic quite often don't get the context right.
Quite a lot is going to happen with Semantic 2.0, though, it seems.

> I don't want to abandon emacs because I use it for calendar, diary,
> notes, etc. But for programming Slickedit is very interresting.

In the end, editing code is still about editing text. Emacs beats
everything out there for text editing. (Including that infamous little
ed-with-sound-feedback clone out there.)

Ole Laursen

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