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Re: Question on minibuffer editing

From: Burton Samograd
Subject: Re: Question on minibuffer editing
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 14:29:52 GMT
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address@hidden (Arvind Kumar) writes:

> Hi Guys,
>    Say, for example, I am opening a file in emacs using C-x f. I am in
> one directory with long hierarchy. I want to go down the hierarchy to
> some other path. Keep pressing the backspace button is cumbursome. How
> do I set the key so that c-backspace or Alt-backspace deletes the word
> in the minibuffer??? I am sure I was it's possible because i had this
> setting in my last company. But I can't remember exactly what this
> setup was!!!

Instead of doing this, you could learn how emacs cursor movement works
a bit better.  To do what you want, you could go backwards word (M-b)
and then delete word (M-d) (M- meaning press Alt and the key given).
Sorry if this is patronizing and you know this, but it doesn't sound
like you do and it's good to learn.

I never use it but I just noticed that my version of emacs (21.3)
does word deletion with M-[backspace] and I've never set anything up
to do it.  Maybe you could do an upgrade and see if that works.

burton samograd

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