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Re: Question on minibuffer editing

From: Arvind Kumar
Subject: Re: Question on minibuffer editing
Date: 22 May 2003 21:46:30 -0700

Thank you all for your comments!!! M-b M-d moves the cursor first and
then deletes the word. backward-kill-word is what i was looking for..
I had tried finding out the lisp equivalent without success!! Thanks
Arvind Kumar

Barry Margolin <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> In article <address@hidden>,
> Arvind Kumar <address@hidden> wrote:
> >Hi Guys,
> >   Say, for example, I am opening a file in emacs using C-x f. I am in
> C-x f sets the fill column, I think you mean C-x C-f.
> >one directory with long hierarchy. I want to go down the hierarchy to
> >some other path. Keep pressing the backspace button is cumbursome. How
> >do I set the key so that c-backspace or Alt-backspace deletes the word
> >in the minibuffer??? I am sure I was it's possible because i had this
> >setting in my last company. But I can't remember exactly what this
> >setup was!!!
> The minibuffer usually has the same basic editing commands as a fundamental
> mode buffer.  The only significant difference is that it adds a few keys
> for moving back and forth through the history (M-p and M-n) and does
> completion.
> C-Backspace and M-Backspace should delete the previous word unless you've
> done something in your .emacs to override it.

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