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Re: boilerplate expansion module?

From: Ignoramus7828
Subject: Re: boilerplate expansion module?
Date: 15 May 2003 14:58:33 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (Linux)

Ok, I am using abbrev-mode and it is great, with one problem.

What I want is to enable abbrev-mode for all modes and all buffers. 

According to some web page, I placed 

(abbrev-mode 1) 

into my emacs.el file. But that does not apply to buffers that I
open. I have to do same in each buffer, which is a pain. What am I
doing wrong?



In article <address@hidden>, Ignoramus13246 wrote:
>  I am looking for some extension that would let me insert boilerplate
>  text. For example. Let's say that I have a legal disclaimer saying
>  "author is not responsible for errors and omissions". And instead of
>  typing it, I would define boilerplate phrase "discl1" to be "author is
>  not responsible for errors and omissions". Then as I type text, I
>  would enter discl1, press some key like M-M-b, and it would replace
>  discl1 with the actual phrase.
>  Any suggestions?
>  I use xemacs btw.
>  i

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