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A problem about the i18n in emacs

From: Hongzheng Wang
Subject: A problem about the i18n in emacs
Date: 01 May 2003 22:46:05 +0800
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Hi, all.

  I know, by the help of mule, emacs can process almost `any'
language in the world. And I sometimes use emacs to do some
simple work about chinese by emacs, since my system didn't
support chinese that time. I found this character, that is,
emacs can process a language even the system doesn't support
it at all, is very helpful.

  Now, my system has been updated to support chinese very
well. In fact, I'm using Redhat Linux 9 now. But someone has
told me that the i18n support in emacs is `never' be good 
because the wrong method of design. He also make Vim as a
opposite example (I DON'T wanna make a quarry about Emacs vs.
 Vim. :-)), since he think the method using by Vim is on a
correct way. A powerful example is, up to now, emacs does not
support GB18030 yet.

  I'm not sure whether he is right, so I post this mail here.
Can you give some information about the thought of i18n in 

  Thank you. :-)

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