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Re: remote X11/GNU emacs/ssh: Incredible slowness loading libs

From: Krishnakumar B
Subject: Re: remote X11/GNU emacs/ssh: Incredible slowness loading libs
Date: 29 Sep 2002 16:26:27 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.2

On Sunday, 29 September 2002, "David Abrahams" wrote:
> I've been doing some work on remote machines on the other U.S. coast
> recently, and have noticed strange and horrible delays associated with
> running GNU emacs in an X window. At first I thought the problem was the
> speed of traffic associated with X11, but I don't think so any more. The
> reason I say these delays are strange is that they seem to be worst when
> emacs is loading libraries (especially during startup), or just when it's
> trying to respond to "C-x C-f" the first time. On some machines, it takes
> literally minutes to give me the "find file:" prompt. I don't see the same
> problems when running "emacs -nw" in an xterm (that just blasts along like
> crazy), so it can't be having trouble loading the libraries. I don't see
> anything this bad when running Xemacs, so I doubt there's a real problem
> with the X11 GUI stuff. Can't imagine what the problem is. Any ideas?

Enable ssh compression. It helps a lot.


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