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Re: Unicode Fonts For Emacs21 On Mac OSX?

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Re: Unicode Fonts For Emacs21 On Mac OSX?
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 16:31:30 +0200
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[Warning: I don't know anything about MacOS X. Wild guesses below.]

Jacobo Myerston <address@hidden> writes:

> ?I wonder if there is a way to display unicode character in emacs21 on
> Mac OSX. Actually it is possible in the XFree86 enviroment with the
> help of Mule and the ucsfonts. But so far as I now the ucsfonts are
> not yet ported for OSX.
> It is possible to use unicode apple fonts like times with emacs21. But
> I don't know if the mac-roman encoding can conflict with the unicode
> encoding.
> So this is big issue now, because I was working with ancient greek
> texts in emacs-20.7 until I updated to 21.

I don't know if the GNU intlfonts package works on MacOS X. At least
those fonts contain the necessary greek characters with combined
diacritics. I use misc-fixed for classical Greek on GNU/Linux.

But I wonder: why should it be a problem to use the true type fonts?
At least on GNU/Linux under XFree there is no problem with this
AFAICS. Have you tried it?

BTW: There is a Unicode Times font containing Greek characters with
combined diacritics? I ask, because I find misc-fixed somewhat
ugly. Is there a Unicode Courier font, too?

    -- Oliver

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