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Unicode box-drawing chars

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Unicode box-drawing chars
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 16:42:35 +0200
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This may be slightly off topic. It is, however, tangential.

How do I deal with UCS box-drawing chars in Emacs? With the use of
font-sets, it is very likely that the box-drawing chars and the
latin-chars (and the Space) have different character width. So I can
not rely on the box-drawing-chars being properly aligned.

For example: I use adobe-courier for latin characters and gnu-unifont
for everything else. Due to this in the following examples the "║"s on
the right side are not properly aligned.

  ║    ║
  ║    ║
  ║    ║
  ║    ║

  ║Dies  ║
  ║ist   ║
  ║ein   ║
  ║Test. ║

Naturally things become even more strange in this example:

  ║│╲ ╱│║
  ╠╡ ╳ ╞╣
  ║│╱ ╲│║

Why do I ask and what do I want? There are many places where the
box-drawing chars could be useful in Emacs. For example I could
imagine to enhance the widget-library to use those chars. Or Emacs/W3
could use them to render tables or whatever. Does anybody have an idea
how to deal with this problem?

    -- Oliver

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