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Re: emacs or xemacs?

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: emacs or xemacs?
Date: 11 Sep 2002 10:34:06 +0200
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On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, address@hidden wrote:

>  On Tuesday 10 September 2002 17:18, Aurelio wrote:
> > Hello!!! First of all, you must be patient with my english writing...
> > Thanks!!!!
> > I am going to use emcas. I usually use VIM but now it´s time to
> > change... And here´s my first ask: emacs or xemacs??? What is the
> > difference?? I think emacs21 have a good graphic display... But is
> > xemacs more usefull???
> > Thanks
>  If you have to use a Windoze system, XEmacs is easier to install. But if 
>  you're using Cygwin it's not difficult to install GNU Emacs. On a proper 
>  OS, they're both about the same to install. (Most Linux distros come with 
>  both now.)

AFAIK this not correct: XEmacs has this nifty net-installer ported from Cygwin
to the needs of XEmacs whereas GNU Emacs must still be installed by
downloading one big archive (regardless of source-distrib or precompiled
binaries), extracing it, reading the READMe and so on...

Though i prefer GNU Emacs as editor IMHO the installation of XEmacs is much
more convenient than GNU Emacs (ok, i must admit, downloading the archive,
extracting it and some small steps more are not really difficult but
nevertheless.... :-)

Of course all this is only related to Windows systems!


>  But GNU Emacs is the One True Emacs!

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