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Re: automating language environment settings

From: Crni Gorac
Subject: Re: automating language environment settings
Date: 8 Sep 2002 10:42:29 -0700

Matthias MEULIEN <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> address@hidden (Crni Gorac) wrote:
> > (...) This is exactly what I have to avoid. I know about all of
> > above mentionned but I'd like not to have to type `C-x RET l'
> > sequence each time when I open Latin-2 encoded file in order to be
> > able to edit it. I'd like to have files let know emacs to change
> > language environment to Latin-2 each time when opened.
> The following does what you want ?
> (add-hook 'find-file-hooks
>         '(lambda ()
>            (if (equal buffer-file-coding-system 'iso-latin-2)
>                (set-language-environment "Latin-2"))))

That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

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