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Re: automating language environment settings

From: Crni Gorac
Subject: Re: automating language environment settings
Date: 4 Sep 2002 11:09:59 -0700

Peter Wu <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> address@hidden (Crni Gorac) writes:
> > From time to time, I'm using emacs to edit documents written using ISO
> > 8859-2 charset. Thus, I have first to set language environment to
> > "Latin-2", then to open text file and finally to select "latin-2-prefix"
> > as input method. So I was thinking about automating above process by
> > creating corresponding emacs mode and then to reference this mode from
> > first line of related documents; if everything setup properly, emacs
> > should be able to apply all necessary settings upon opening
> > document. However, while everything else works fine, emacs seems to be
> > unable to change language environment using above procedure. Any
> > suggestion here?
> I use Chinese in Emacs.
> (set-language-environment "Chinese-GB")

I can use Latin-2 too, the problem is that I don't want it to be
default (I guess you have above in your .emacs) but to start it up
automatically per file basis.

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