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Re: Newbie, Emacs won't quit

From: Bill Wishon
Subject: Re: Newbie, Emacs won't quit
Date: 5 Sep 2002 21:13:52 -0700

> You can use F1-k instead of C-h k - in general, F1 can be used as the 
> help-command
> if your terminal absolutely won't distinguish between C-h and DEL.

Okay workaround, but I usually like to remap all my F-Keys for other
purposes in my .emacs ( F1 for me is habitually ingrained to do the
same thing as "C-x 1")

> That's really weird. Do you happen to have some sort of keymapping going on - 
> .inputrc,
> bindkeys, wha?

Nope, I did have a very small .inputrc, but I removed it and get the
same behaviour.

I'm not familiar enough yet with /etc/termcap, but I'm thinking it
might be somewhere in there near the cygwin terminal type.  When I get
the chance I'll do some man'ing / digging around that and see what I


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