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Re: Newbie, Emacs won't quit

From: Bill Wishon
Subject: Re: Newbie, Emacs won't quit
Date: 4 Sep 2002 16:53:44 -0700

> Hm?  If you type, say C-h k C-f, do you then get the documentation
> for the C-f key?

I'm having the same trouble quiting emacs.  I can't do C-h k anything
because when I do Alt-X describe-key C-h emacs recognizes it at DEL
and gives me the docs for the DEL key.

> Do you get a similar documentation after C-h k C-x C-c?

Alt-X describe-key C-x C-c results in emacs displaying "C-x C-g is
undefined" in the minibuffer.  So when I type C-c emacs is seeing a

> Is your window manager eating C-x or C-c, perhaps?

I'm running this from the cygwin shell without X.

> You could type aaa, then C-x C-c, then bbb, then C-h l.  Then between
> the a's and the b's you should be able to see what Emacs saw when you
> typed C-x C-c.

emacs is seeing my C-x C-c sequence as C-x C-g which results in
nothing since the C-g (keyboard quit) cancels the C-x.

Anyone know how to fiddle with how the keys are interpreted by the
shell for cygwin?

BTW I have the same problem using C-x C-c in jed so I believe the
proper solution should lie in some sort of shell / terminal
configuration, not in .emacs


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