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Other languajes support

From: Ergus
Subject: Other languajes support
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2023 06:00:38 +0100


After I implemented the gtags-mode for emacs, now I am forced to work
with C# on MS-Windows. Which adds two new levels of complexity to the

1) I know that, to use C#, I need to use the universal-ctags backend; but I
don't find any clear guide on how to do it, or even if it worth trying
for C#. For example, will gtags recognize the .cs extension
automatically or some extra option is needed?
2) On the other hand, MS-Windows is not POSIX and gtags page specifies
POSIX somewhere, but I saw that there is a gtags/global package in msys,
So, the obvious question: Any previous experience of gtags working on
ms-windows outside cygwin?

The main goal is to make it work in a native MS-windows emacs, not in a
cygwing controlled environment. And then make it work for C# with

Thanks in advance for any help,

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