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[h-e-w] compare-windows odd behavior

From: MBR
Subject: [h-e-w] compare-windows odd behavior
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 04:05:15 -0400
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I recently upgraded Emacs from 21.3.1 to 23.4.1, but I still have both versions installed.  The OS is probably not relevant to the problem I'm encountering, but just in case, it's Windows XP, SP3.

I frequently use Emacs' compare-windows function, which compares two Emacs windows, advancing the cursor in each window to the first character that doesn't match.  This has always worked fine for me in the older Emacs, but now I'm seeing odd behavior in the newer Emacs.

In one Emacs window I have a buffer containing the following text:
The buffer displayed by the other Emacs window contains:
I'd intended to position the cursors in each window at the beginning of each jdbc URL so I could compare them, but I forgot to, o the cursor was on the first character in each window when I ran 'M-x compare-windows'.  Since the cursor in the first window was positioned on the "u" and in the second window it was positioned on the "j", compare-windows should have beeped and stopped without moving either cursor.  Yet, much to my surprise, the cursor (shown below as a '^') in the first window advanced to:
and in the second window it advanced to:
This doesn't make any sense.  Furthermore, since I still have 21.3.1 installed, I tried the same thing in the old version, and it behaved as I expected - i.e. compare-windows beeped without moving either cursor.

Has anybody here run into a problem like this with compare-windows in the newer version?  Does anybody have any idea what's going wrong here?
Mark Rosenthal

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