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Re: [Health-dev] [task #15733] Update ICD10 datafile

From: Edgar Hagenbichler
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] [task #15733] Update ICD10 datafile
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2020 11:26:11 +0200
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Dear Luis

Am 01.08.2020 um 00:28 schrieb Luis Falcon:
Update of task #15733 (project health):

                   Status:                    None => Ready For Test
         Percent Complete:                      0% => 100%
Let me refer to my email from 23.07.2020, 21:57 with de.po (14.700 msgctxt with translation, including 284 categories/chapters and 14416 codes) and diseases.xml (14.416 code records, including fields for category and active status)  attached.
Please check the status on Weblate and report :)

*  Currently there are 14619  source strings at weblate at the english version, so there is

- a difference of 81 strings to the msgid of the actual de.po

- missing are new codes, e.g. U070 vaping-related disorders or Z227 latent tuberculosis

- some contexts are wrong, e.g. Zika virus disease should be context A925 and not U06 anymore.

It is great that there are now many codes updated, e.g. E111 "Type 2 diabetes mellitus: With ketoacidosis" instead of only "With ketoacidosis" (which was the text before updating).

* It seems that the update of the German version did not work at weblate, there are still only 11269 translated strings, although the de.po contains all 14.700 translations.

Thank you very much!

All the best


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