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[Health-dev] Thalamus server and federation portal connection/login erro

From: Andreas Lenhardt
Subject: [Health-dev] Thalamus server and federation portal connection/login error
Date: Tue, 11 May 2021 15:24:37 +0200


I have tried to set up the thalamus server and the Federation Portal.

Unfortunately, I can't get any further with the instructions in the wiki alone.

I have imported the federation_schema.sql to my GnuHealth database.
After that I started the thalamus server.
However, in the client I get the error "You need to create a health institution first" when I click on "new" in the Federation Queue Manager.

Under the Federation Node Configuration I can't connect to a Thalamus Server either, I just get the error "ERROR authenticating to Server". Do I need a special user to access the Thalamus server?

The login to the Federation portal does not work either. Are these errors somehow related?

What is going wrong here?

Thanks and kind regards
Mit besten Grüßen
Andreas Lenhardt

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