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[Health-dev] Questions, comments and possible bugs

From: Gerald Wiese
Subject: [Health-dev] Questions, comments and possible bugs
Date: Wed, 12 May 2021 14:06:59 +0200
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Dear developers of GNU Health,

I'm working on an automatic deployment of GNU Health, Orthanc and a working station with ansible for my master thesis.

I've gathered some questions and comments, I hope it's not too much...

- On Ubuntu I already had both the gnuhealth.service just like in the installation instructions and the gnuhealth-fhir-server from PyPI running on the same time - both as gnuhealth user without venv or something, tested several times on clean systems. Yesterday I run into exactly this problem

After running the gnuhealth_setup installation again, werkzeug is version 0.16.1. After pip3 install fhir-rest-server it's 2.0.0 and gnuhealth.service fails by "No module named werkzeug.contrib" but downgrading leads to cannot import name ‘ContextVar’ from werkzeug.local for fhir-server

Maybe it's related to the Flask 2.0.0 release yesterday?

I will try to find a workaround using venv for fhir or hopefully I'm overseeing something

- Is the health_orthanc module missing under openSUSE?

- In the gnuhealth-client adding an Orthanc server, the password is visible

- At PyPI I found crypto_plugin 3.8.0. but I don't find it here Will this be updated or is it replaced by pip installation?

- Is it possible to choose inside GNU Health which gpg key is used? (I know I can modify ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf but that's system wide gpg)

- This one is not only technical: For gender there is only male and female. I think it would be nice to extend this. For example in Germany there is "divers" as third official gender since 2018, other countries have even more possible entries.

Best regards


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