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Re: [Health-dev] Problem in FHIR server installation.

From: Chris
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Problem in FHIR server installation.
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 18:20:05 -0700
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Hopefully we can get this working!

> Thanks for replying. The TRYTON_CONFIG holds the correct installation
> config file. I'm able to run that installation of GNU Health server on
> the same user, i.e, gnuhealth as mentioned in the installation guide.
> I didn't install any extra module except for the health_ profile one
> on Tryton.

Hmm... I'm not sure, seems health_nursing should be installed. But
install it, if not installed.

> The guide online for setting up FHIR kind of skip things in between
> installation and config. Is the fhir folder found in the bundle
> gnuhealth-2.8.1/backend the correct setup because that is the only
> folder containing server/ or am I doing something wrong? 

Yeah, it is sparse because we still haven't figured out how we are going
to package the FHIR server, separately or whatever.

That is the correct folder. The only things you need is the server
folder within the fhir folder. That is, backend/fhir/server. And the script.

I just tested the server and it worked. I downloaded the tarball,
extracted it, and ran it with no problems.

You can run it with the DebugConfig. You can try that, too. In the script, don't pass the ProductionConfig to the
create_app() function.

Also, are you running the server from within the virtualenv?


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