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Re: [Health-dev] Update base packages : python2.7-cracklib

From: Axel Braun
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Update base packages : python2.7-cracklib
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 12:08:27 +0100

Hi Luis,

> > > I will be releasing tonight or tomorrow RC2 tarball, so you can
> > > download and test the installation process.
> > 
> > looking forward to this!
> >  
> The tarball should be up today :) I just uploaded the latest rc2
> to the community server.

as already noted, that was unfortunately the 2.6rc2....

> > > At this point, and to save time, please make sure your distribution
> > > has the cracklib and python2.7-cracklib bindings. The one on pypi
> > > is not up-to-date, so best it to install the package from your
> > > specific OS or distro. The latest stable version is 2.9.2 .
> > 
> > Is this a hard requirement to use 2.9.2?
> It's called by the standard installation program. Take a look at the
> security chapter on GNU Health[1] (work in progress). There is a
> section on serverpass.

Understand. It seems that just the python-cracklib is in release 2.8.xx while 
cracklib in most distros is between 2.9.0 and 2.9.2

> > One more question on the sync module: The tryton_synchronisation is
> > not (yet) released as module on tryton, is it planned to do so?
> > 
> For what I've been talking to Cedric, the synchro engine is not part of
> the main package at this point.

Hm, too bad.
I understand it as a Tryton feature, not a GNU Health feature, so Tryton should 
be the place to publish this as module. Or maybe tryton-es can help out...

> > As you wrote in  task #13407 (project health):
> > On Sunday 11th ( 2.8 Release Candidate 1), the community server
> > should be configured as the central instance, and will accept
> > synchronizations from satellites. 
> > 
> > Will this be the 'frozen' version of the Demo -DB? Otherwise each
> > client will sync all changes that users make to the demo-db as well.
> > Where can the ID for the server been looked up?
> The central instance ID is always 0. But that happens behind the
> scenes. The id that you have to set is in your satellite instance.
> The server database will be the same as the one we use. It will
> bounce/reset everyday.
So for an end user who wants to keep in sync with the latest master of the GNU 
Health Demo database it would make sense to sync the master copy.

> I'm also documenting on Wikibook the Synchronization engine for GNU
> Health[2] .

Yep, had a look at that as well. The URL from the documentation:

synchronisation_url = 

would send unencrypted user:password through the net. Should it not be by 
default https with forward secrecy enabled?
What URL can be used by an end-user to pull the demo-DB?

> 1.-
> 2.-
> PS: This version should have been called "time to document :)", but I
> feel that documentation has been one of our pending jobs, and it's about
> time to really work on this. 

Documentation is always the thing that developers like most, isn't it so since 
soem 100 years? ;-)


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