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[Health-dev] Update base packages : python2.7-cracklib

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: [Health-dev] Update base packages : python2.7-cracklib
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 12:26:09 +0000

Hi GNU Health devs and packagers !

I will be releasing tonight or tomorrow RC2 tarball, so you can
download and test the installation process.

I will send another mail with the most important things to check on
this new version later.

At this point, and to save time, please make sure your distribution has
the cracklib and python2.7-cracklib bindings. The one on pypi is not
up-to-date, so best it to install the package from your specific OS or
distro. The latest stable version is 2.9.2 .

I already updated the Operating System specific requirements
documentation on Wikibooks for some distros .

Let me know if you find any issues, and enjoy Sunday !


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