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[Gwm-general] test xyzu

From: Khurshid Lawler
Subject: [Gwm-general] test xyzu
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 06:05:50 -0700


VlAG uc RA from o hj nly $ tx 3,3 bb 3
Lev zb itra
P tw rozac
C nl lALlS from onl iv y $ eb 3,7 xb 5
VA wv LlUM from on bu ly $ vq 1,2 ck 1
Merid yo ia
Amb mb ien
Xa iz nax
Som cg a

all 50 bm % o cy ff

another. Up he crawled like a drowned rat, and lay on the top spread out
to keep the balance as best he could. The breeze was cold but better
than the water, and he hoped he would not suddenly roll off again when
they started off once more. Before long the barrels broke free again and
turned and twisted off down the stream, and out into the main current
Then he found it quite as difficult to stick on as he had feared; but he

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