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[Gwm-general] diyui my reffnance

From: Sens Pal
Subject: [Gwm-general] diyui my reffnance
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 22:23:29 -0700

$ 2 g 00 , 000 Lo e an fo x r onl g y $ 82 x 7 m m onth
$ 30 t 0 , 000 Loa s n fo t r on k ly $ 89 e 7 mo k nth
$ 4 q 00 , 000 L v oan fo g r o v nly $ 9 w 57 mon g th
$ 50 z 0 , 000 L i oan f z or o z nly $ 100 g 7 m o onth BA l D C i RE f DI v T O i k

knew many among the ravens of the rocks when I was a dwarf€“ lad. This
very height was once named Ravenhill, because there was a wise and
famous pair, old Care and his wife, that lived here above the
guard-chamber. But I dont suppose that any of that ancient breed linger

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