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[Gwm-general] investment plan

From: Charles Brown
Subject: [Gwm-general] investment plan
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 22:24:45 +0100

From the Desk of
Mr. Charles  Brown
Minister, Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Awolowo Road,
Lagos Nigeria.



I apologized using this medium to reach you for a transaction/business of this magnitude, but this is due to Confidentiality and prompt access reposed on this medium. In unfolding this proposal, I want to count on you, as a respected and honest person to handle this project/transaction with sincerity, trust and confidentiality.


Let me use this opportunity to introduce myself briefly to you. I am Mr. Charles  Brown , Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministry Nigeria. My office monitors and controls the affairs of all banks and financial institutions in my country concerned with foreign contract payments.


I am the final signatory to any transfer or remittance of funds moving within banks both on the local and international levels in line to foreign contracts settlement. I have before me, list of funds which could not be transferred to some nominated accounts as these accounts have been identified either as ghost accounts, unclaimed deposits or over-invoiced sum e.t.c.


Now listen carefully please. I write to present you to the federal government that you are among the people expecting the funds to be transferred into their accounts. On this note, I wish to have a deal with you as regards to the unpaid certified contract funds.

I have every file before me and the data’s will be changed into your name to enable you receive the fund into your nominated account as the contractor/beneficiary of the fund amount $7.5Million U.S.D. 
It is my duty to recommend the transfer of these surplus funds to the federal government treasury and reserve accounts as unclaimed deposits. I have the opportunity to write you based on the instructions I received 2 days ago from the Senate Committee on Contract Payments to Foreign Debts to submit the list of payment reports / expenditures and audited reports of revenues. 
Among several others, I have decided to remit this sum following my idea that we have a deal/agreement and I am going to do this legally.
1. You will give me and my colleagues 65% at of the total sum as soon as you confirm the total fund in your designated account.  30% will be for you for your effort while 5% should be set aside for any miscellaneous expenses.
2. This transaction must be kept highly secretive as I am still in service to avoid public notice and all correspondence will be strictly by email for security purposes. We will talk on phone partially if any warrant for that.
3. There should be no third parties as most problems associated with your fund release are caused by your agents or representative. 
If you agree with my conditions, I will intimate you with the procedures to enable me fix your name on the payment schedule instantly to meet the three days mandate. 
I hope you don't reject this offer as this great opportunity comes but once in one’s entire life.
Conclusively, I look forward to hearing from you soonest.
Charles  Brown
Foreign Affairs Minister. 
Please, get back to me upon your satisfaction with my proposal.


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