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[bug#56057] [bug #56057] gnu: Add dua-cli

From: antlers
Subject: [bug#56057] [bug #56057] gnu: Add dua-cli
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2022 10:26:50 -0700

> By the way, it looks like all these patches came with their own issues.
> merge [...]

Oh thank /you/, that's much better, and I'm certainly still figuring this out,
so, apologies for the mess. I'm including another revision of the patch-series
which I've rebased on top of #56037, dropping redundant patches (for now, I
think one was newer). Doesn't build as-is, but I think it's it's /just/ because
I haven't resolved what to do about `parking-lot-core`'s dep on `windows-sys-*`
after dropping that patch.

> I recommend putting that in the commit message [...] exact lint message.
Left out for now, Re: #56037.

> In rust-object: why change the inheritance?

For consistency; I'm not aiming for a minimal patch, and it makes sense to me
that each superseded package should inherit from it's immediate successor even
as gaps in the line are filled. Can discard if needed.

> In rust-once-cell-1: Why remove the skip-build?
> removed some dependencies [...] still being used
Because I don't know what I'm doing~
Fixed c:

> If a package complains about not finding the dependencies, you can just
remove the dependency declaration from the Cargo.toml

Easier said then done with my novice background :p. I don't see any existing
examples of such modifications in any `snippet` or `modify-phases` clauses, and
have to go work full time for a while, so I've left this hanging for now as to
share what I've got in a timely manner.

> add the missing files
Also feels easier said than done; I'm not sure why the files are missing from
the crate to begin with, and could pull them in from the upstream repo, but
have only seen contrary examples so far.

$> grep '#:tests? #f.*;.*missing' ./rust-*.scm ./crates-*.scm | wc -l

> See (guix)Synopses and Descriptions
Thanks! I wrote a pair that I feel are better, but haven't looked back at other
packages yet. It's likely that a few more need re-worked, and I can come back
to them in due time.

> I've been working on simplifying the Rust packaging system
Awesome! Love the name.

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