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[bug#56057] [PATCH 00/27] gnu: Add dua-cli.

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: [bug#56057] [PATCH 00/27] gnu: Add dua-cli.
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2022 10:51:31 +0200
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antlers schreef op za 18-06-2022 om 12:56 [-0700]:
> Hi! I imported dua-cli via `guix import` for personal use, and thought
> I'd try to upstream the involved packages. I'm awfully new to Guix, so
> just let me know if I'm, uh, doing this right! I also (practically)
> haven't used Rust, so, I might not be the best person to be doing this,
> and have some light notes.
> - Is a lot of small commits the way to go?


> - Didn't update rust-tui or rust-crossterm to their latest versions,
>   think I've got enough here as it is.
> - rust-clap fails a lint because of a TLS error / re-direct that I'm
>   not sure I can do anything about.

I recommend putting that in the commit message (or below the --- line),
and in particular mentioning the exact lint message.

> - Wasn't sure when it was approriate to preserve the #:skip-build flag
>   inserted by `guix import`, so I'll likely need to tweak those.
> - Some packages (namely rust-clap-3, which came out of Beta) have pretty
>   sweeping dependency changes, including losing their
>   #:cargo-development-inputs; I went with what `guix import` gave me,
>   figuring that the packages build and dua-cli works just fine that way,
>   but might be missing a broader context.

Broader context: looking at (guix import crate), cargo-build-system
removes them, but that's only possible because tests aren't run which
should be fixed once antioxidant is done (though running tests is not
yet implemented in antioxidant).  So looks like that part of (guix
import crate) is obsolete ...


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