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bug#52075: [PATCH 3/4] gnu: Add python-notmuch2.

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: bug#52075: [PATCH 3/4] gnu: Add python-notmuch2.
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 10:15:06 +0100
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Jack Hill <> writes:

> It is possible that my concern was misplaced. My thinking was that if
> the two bindings were logically separate projects, rather than being 
> variations on the same code, we should keep them logically separate in
> Guix even if they are superficially similar. However, it might not be
> a logically separate project, and that might not be the right way to
> think about it anyway.

They are probably internally separate, but they do share superficial
parts. The Guix shortcut is only concerned about the latter, IMO.

> I don't have an objection to the version using inheritance.

I applied the patch set. Thanks to Tanguy for it, and to you for the

> I am still curious in learning about the differences between the two
> packages if only for my own edification.

I cannot help here, unfortunately.

> Hopefully that clarifies, and sorry for adding noise to this review.

No problem! I think you raise an interesting question: does inheritance
in Guix imply strong internal dependency between the project inheriting
and the one being inherited?

Nicolas Goaziou

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