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[bug#52075] [PATCH 3/4] gnu: Add python-notmuch2.

From: Jack Hill
Subject: [bug#52075] [PATCH 3/4] gnu: Add python-notmuch2.
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 12:41:53 -0500 (EST)
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On Wed, 24 Nov 2021, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:


Jack Hill <> writes:

As far as appropriate, do you know more about the origin of these
"notmuch2" bindings? I know that at some point notmuch upstream
re-wrote the binding using CFFI. Is that the origin of this package?
If so, then I would be inclined to make this package independent of
the existing python-notmuch package. If not, then please ignore this

I do not grasp your concern. python-notmuch and python-notmuch2 share
most fields. Inheritance prevents duplication, that's all.

Why are you inclined to make this new package independant (in the sense
of Guix inheritance) of python-notmuch?

It is possible that my concern was misplaced. My thinking was that if the two bindings were logically separate projects, rather than being variations on the same code, we should keep them logically separate in Guix even if they are superficially similar. However, it might not be a logically separate project, and that might not be the right way to think about it anyway.

I don't have an objection to the version using inheritance. I am still curious in learning about the differences between the two packages if only for my own edification.

Hopefully that clarifies, and sorry for adding noise to this review.


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