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[bug#48314] Patches to install guix system on Raspberry Pi

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: [bug#48314] Patches to install guix system on Raspberry Pi
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 10:05:47 -0800

On 2021-10-31, Stefan wrote:
> I did a rebase of the patch series to avoid bit-rotting. One patch got 
> obsolete meanwhile.
> This series applies on GIT commit 1a80b8909a521b91d30649a011b0257d0fadc18c.

And still applies on master as of
193d7b5b450d2004c26720e488a9cce930542e9e :)

Subject: [PATCH 3/8] * gnu/packages/bootloader.scm (make-u-boot-package): Add
 keyword parameters 'name' and 'description'.
 (u-boot-rpi-0-w, u-boot-rpi, u-boot-rpi-2, u-boot-rpi-3,
 u-boot-rpi-4, u-boot-rpi-64, u-boot-rpi-0-w-efi, u-boot-rpi-efi,
 u-boot-rpi-2-efi, u-boot-rpi-3-efi, u-boot-rpi-4-efi, u-boot-rpi-efi-64): New

The u-boot-rpi-0-w and u-boot-rpi variants are ARMv6 boards, and Guix's
armhf baseline is ARMv7, so those won't work with guix system. Are there
other use-cases for providing u-boot builds for these boards?

Upstream provides defconfigs for these variants:

armv6 variants (unsupported on guix's armhf, maybe other use-cases?):


armhf-capable variants:


aarch64 variants:

  rpi_arm64 (supports rpi 3 and 4 variants?)

+(define-public u-boot-rpi-3
+  (make-preinstalled-u-boot-package
+   "rpi_3_32b"
+   "arm-linux-gnueabihf"
+   #:name "rpi-3"
+   #:description %u-boot-rpi-description-32-bit))

I would name this "u-boot-rpi-3-32b"

+(define-public u-boot-rpi-4
+  (make-preinstalled-u-boot-package
+   "rpi_4_32b"
+   "arm-linux-gnueabihf"
+   #:name "rpi-4"
+   #:description %u-boot-rpi-description-32-bit))

And this "u-boot-rpi-4-32b".

+(define-public u-boot-rpi-64
+  (make-preinstalled-u-boot-package
+   "rpi_arm64"
+   "aarch64-linux-gnu"
+   #:name "rpi-64"
+   #:description %u-boot-rpi-description-64-bit))

And this "u-boot-rpi-arm64".

In other words, keep names consistent with the upstream defconfig they
are based on.

I presume you didn't add the aarch64 rpi_3 and rpi_4 variants because
they are supported by rpi_arm64?

I think without addressing the rest of the patch series, adding to guix
master the following packages could make the remaining diff smaller:

  u-boot-rpi-2 (rpi_2_defconfig)
  u-boot-rpi-3-32b (rpi_3_32b_defconfig)
  u-boot-rpi-4-32b (rpi_4_32b_defconfig)
  u-boot-rpi-arm64 (rpi_arm64_defconfig)

We wouldn't have a relevent installation configuration, but at least it
would allow building them and manually copying u-boot.bin to the
firmware partition...

live well,

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