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[bug#48314] Patches to install guix system on Raspberry Pi

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: [bug#48314] Patches to install guix system on Raspberry Pi
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 12:21:10 -0800

On 2021-10-31, Stefan wrote:
> +(define-public %u-boot-rpi-efi-configs
> +    "CONFIG_OF_BOARD=y"

This is surely a matter of opinion, but CONFIG_BOOTDELAY=0 is kind of
nasty; it makes it nearly impossible to debug from a u-boot prompt if
needed. The default is probably "2" ... long enough to actually
interrupt it, but short enough that it shouldn't cause huge delays in
the boot process...

I know grub-efi will add it's own delay, so in a working environment,
this just seems like an additional two seconds, but u-boot's EFI
implementation is changing often enough that I wouldn't be surprised if
you need to occasionally debug something.

live well,

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