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[bug#40495] [PATCH] Add taisei, and spirv-cross

From: Vitaliy Shatrov
Subject: [bug#40495] [PATCH] Add taisei, and spirv-cross
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2020 19:52:31 +0000

   Hi;  taisei is a game, it has three renderers: gl33, gles20, and gles30.  To support later two it need a SPIRV-Cross tool.

   I was told on IRC that the game wasn't playable due to graphics issues, but it worked fine on my machine;  testing and help are welcome.

Game build is "developer" build; it enables cheats, but greatly improves the diagnostics (output to console).  If configured as "debugoptimized" with "-Ddeveloper=false", then it's diagnostics are same as for "release".  I didn't notice any impact on performance with my 7-years old laptop, from those options.

SPIRV-Cross seem to have tests, but i didn't get how to start them yet.

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