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[bug#40495] update

From: Vitaliy Shatrov
Subject: [bug#40495] update
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 04:10:49 +0000

### taisei ###
>>> 'release' or 'developer'?
   IDK how valuable those diagnostics is, but during testing found the 'developer' mode cheat-keys to easy to hit.  Changed to 'release'.

>>> (synopsis "Shoot'em up game set in a world full of Japanese folklore")
   I know nothing about Japan (seen this variant too).  Changed to "Shoot'em up fangame and libre clone of Touhou Project"..?

>>> comments in '(license'

### spirv-cross ###
>>> remove '(string-append' from '(commit'

>>> tests fail, more info
nckx may know (idk, sorry):
("-cross yet have a multiple failures").

>>> (substitute*
Why: 'fix-tests-to-find-deps, i can't fix tests myself, thought i'm prepare the ground.
'(string-append' is to stay < 80 cols.

>>> (native-inputs, (inputs order
seems done

>>> drop 'note:', \"

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