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[bug#35813] [PATCH] Add crate-recursive-import.

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: [bug#35813] [PATCH] Add crate-recursive-import.
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2019 10:57:30 +0300
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As a simple test I ran 'guix import crate encoding -r' and it gave me
the 6 packages I expected. 'guix import crate winapi -r' only gave me
rust-winapi, as the dependent crates are already packaged. When I tried
'guix import crate rand -r' it found the updated version and started
importing all the new dependencies also.

It looks good. I'm tempted to leave it running with 'guix import crate
serde -r' just to see if we're ever going to make it there.

I see that it imports A then B then C then D, and prints out D then C
then B then A. For the one I tested with is still rust-encoding. I'll
try my hand at ascii art:

  |         |               |           |               |
japanese  korean      simpchinese    singlebyte     tradchinese
  |         |               |           |               |

import went encoding, japanese, tests, korean, simpchinese, singlebyte,

I think the only thing I would wish for would be to do tests, then the
languages and then encoding (best for upstreaming one at a time), or to
do them alphabetically (plop them in alphabetically all at once). This
I'm happy to live without I think.

The other thing was I ran 'guix import crate security-framework -r' and
after ~40 crates it crashed on me with:
    web/http.scm:1186:15: In procedure read-response-line:
    Bad Read-Header-Line header: #<eof>
and I would prefer to have the ~40 crates it did grab first to be
printed out and not lost. Between these two I would like most to not
lose the imported crates than worrying over the printed order.

Great job! From what I've tested I think it's ready as-is and any
changes would just be gravy.

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